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Alaska Women in Timber (AWIT) was established in 1978 by a group of women who believed there was a need for an active organization supporting Alaska's forest resources and the families dependent upon it. AWIT includes individual members with local chapter affiliation in Alaska communities, individual members-at-large, and corporate members throughout the country. Any individual or business supportive of the purposes of Alaska Women in Timber is welcome to membership.

AWIT Purposes

Alaska's Timber Industry Provides Jobs

In 1997, Alaska's forest products industry provided over 2,435 full time jobs in Alaska contributing over $516 million to Alaska's economy. What's more, each forest industry job creates two additional spin-off jobs for people like truck divers, teachers, bank employees, and food service workers.

Alaska's timber industry represents about 4.9% of the Southeast regional economy with 1,761 direct jobs and 2,465 indirect jobs.

About 1.6 million people are directly employed in the planting, growing, managing and harvesting of trees and production of wood and paper products in the United States.

Revenues from Alaska's timber industry help provide funding for schools and roads, benefit recreation and tourism access, and help provide water and sewer systems for our cities.

Of the three industries that provide year-round jobs in Alaska, the only one dependent on a renewable resource is the timber industry.

Trees Are Alaska's Renewable Resource

There are no other renewable, economically feasible resources that can replace wood, a natural product that is compatible with the environment.

Hundreds of our everyday products have their roots in Alaska's forests. While some products such as lumber and paper may be easily recognized, other products such as cellophane, rayon, and fillers for everything from toothpaste to ice cream may not.

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